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Paul-Gerhardt-Church is an official site of historic interest in Mannheim's Neckarstadt-West. "MOFA Mannheims Ort für Architektur", an urban development initiative, will stage a series of events designed to research, explore and discuss the re-development and further use of the church building. We have contributed to this experiment with posters, flyers, and postcards. As key visual, we chose the church's distinctive organ pipes bending, rotating and animating them in 3D.


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Agnes Lisa Wegener

Texas, Hollywood, Ghana – Mannheim-based filmmaker Agnes Lisa Wegner travels around the globe bringing back small, yet always remarkable stories that tell about society, about our world and about life in general. We have devised and designed her website which offers you an overview of all her film projects and of the numerous awards she won for her films. Her most recent project, "King Bansah and His Daughter" won the GRANIT – Award for best documentary at Hof International Film Festival 2020. Congratulations!


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Hopp Foundation

Hopp foundation supports local schools committed to introducing new styles of learning. The foundation organizes media competence workshops and promotes digital methods of instruction. We have implemented a new website for Hopp foundation including concept, design, text and photography.


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