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09     22                                                                                                     

MOFA – Architecture & Environment

Architecture & Environment, the exhibition and event series on sustainability in architecture would like to use resources to allow different positions and actors from the region and beyond to have their say and thus contribute to the discussion on sustainable architectural production.
We created posters, invitations, etc. for the event series.


08     22                                                                                                     


For the architectural office ABOUTLAMA we designed a new corporate identity including website. Furthermore, we were commissioned to photographically document some of their exciting projects.


08     22                                                                                                     

bloq magazine issue #2

Everything remains different.
A magazine about standstill and change. For the second bloq magazine, we were on the road in the region, looking for stories. About people who lose their conviction and people who find themselves. About institutions finally coming to terms with their past and cities afraid to look to the future. About threatening changes and welcome standstill, necessary changes and paralyzing standstill.


07     22                                                                                                     

The Golden Village

A project by Myriam Holme and Philipp Morlock: "The Golden Village is an idea, a bracket. Where the Einraumhaus c/o, barac or The Golden Village Laden are concrete places of working, living, acting - there The Golden Village is as well. As an idea, as a structure, as a space. As a goal. The Golden Village is still many things. Many things we don't know ourselves. We are searching."


05     22                                                                                                     

Philipp Morlock

We designed the new website for Philipp Morlock, who is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to art projects. He is co-founder of barac Mannheim, Einraumhaus and Alter Mannheim, just to name a few.
The website gives an insight into his life, his art projects and his approach to art in general.


04     22                                                                                                     

barac 01

The Book documents the development process of one of Mannheim‘s most interresting art projects in recent years.
barac is a place of community, concentration and ease, a place of social competence and relevance, a source of inspiration for the metropolitan region and a place for art and design.

03     22                                                                                                     

Myriam Holme – monograph

We designed the new monograph for Mannheim based artist Myriam Holme. The book features her experimental and processual works from the past decade along with essays by Christiane Schürkmann and Jörg van den Berg.


02     22                                                                                                     

SOI 39

Shirt and sweater design for SOI 39 – thai street food.


01     22                                                                                                     

bloq magazine issue #1

bloq magazine Issue #1 has been out for a couple of weeks. We are happy to be part of this beautiful and exciting project.


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