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Girls Go Movie 2012/2013

GIRLSGOMOVIE 2012/2013 OUT NOW! Girls and young women (ages 12-25) if you’re interested in making movies, sign up for this Short Film Festival! For the 6th time we designed the visual appearance and are happy to be able to participate in this exciting project.


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“Deutscher Katholikentag“

For the German “Katholikentag“ we were in charge of concept and realization of the gift presented to Federal President Joachim Gauck and Chancellor Merkel on their visit to Mannheim.

the project

08     12                                                                                                     

Viveka Valentin

RM created a new Corporate Design fort he jewelry designer Viveka Valentin. In her newly opened studio in Cologne one can find her own experimental works as well as handiwork by Zeichenakademie Hanau Graduates.

the project

06     12                                                                                                     

Goodbye G.I.

Goodbye G.I. – a project about the US Army troop withdrawal from the Rhine-Neckar Delta. Through events on these former military sites and other cultural projects, Goodbye G.I. evaluates what the US Army is leaving behind and what the Americans are taking with them. RM created a visual presence/corporate design for the project.

the project

05     12                                                                                                     

Chronicles – 90 years of culture by BASF

To commemorate the 90-year anniversary of BASF’s cultural commitment, RM designed a 108-page chronicle. This is the first portrait that encompasses the cultural engagement the corporation has carried out over the last 90 years. Through its abundant images and texts, the chronicle not only presents the rich history of BASF, but reflects the cultural life of the region as well.

the project

05     12                                                                                                     

Jazz Alliance goes Jazzahead

RM created the visual appearance for the newly founded Jazz Alliance Mannheim & Region, which is a diverse combination of jazz promoters and artists in the metropolitan Rhine-Neckar region sponsored by the EU. RM also designed the Alliance’s trade fair appearance at the leading convention for jazz in Germany – Jazzahead in Bremen. In addition to banners, monitor animations and giveaways, a folder with extensive information about the multitude of activities in the jazz scene in the region was compiled.

05     12                                                                                                     

Big Brand Theory

RM was presented in BIG BRAND THEORY, published by Sandu (Hong Kong/Beijing). The work we did for OPM, VASCA, FREIGAENGER und STUDIO MASSLOS can be found on six pages.

谢 谢 您


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MidN 2012

Mannheim – In the Middle of the Night, the annual festival of bars, clubs and pubs took place on April 28, 2012. RM once again produced diverse photo concepts, posters, programs, flyers and banners for the events. This time, the photos for the key visuals were done by Olivier Pol Michel.

03     12                                                                                                     

Nina Stanyak

RM designed a corporate image for the artist Nina Stanyak (PCAD – Plymouth College of Art and Design, London). In addition to a photo series, printed materials (office documents and templates, poster/post card series) and a website were created.

the project

03     12                                                                                                     

Project E – Premiere

After a year of hard work, the documentary "Projekt E" – a film about music and success – was finished. The film premiered within the framework of the Jetztmusikfestival on March 24, 2012 at the Atlantis Cinema in Mannheim. RM created all print materials such as the poster and booklet for the event.

the project

02     12                                                                                                     

Present II / Swansea

RM designed an official gift to honor Mannheim’s oldest partner city, Swansea (Wales). The gift was a specially crafted porcelain bust of Schiller and his European anthem enclosed in a cardboard box. Both the box and the folder were embossed and flock printed.

the project

01     12                                                                                                     

4. Photo Festival Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Heidelberg

At the conclusion of the 4th Photography Festival, RM designed a 36-page brochure to document the events/exhibitions that contributed to the two-month festival. With its 8 exhibition sites, 56 international artists, 1,100 works of art, 140 events and over 37,000 visitors; the Fotofestival Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Heidelberg has developed into one of Europe’s largest photo festivals. Congratulations!

the project

01     12                                                                                                     

Meditation Now

RM developed a new corporate design for Meditation Now. In addition to print communication and a website, illustrations were created to express the topic of meditation.

the project

01     12                                                                                                     

flashlab goes Milan

flashlab participated in the exhibition: Δ ≠ utopia – everything flows. The artists were invited by the Gallery Project B and the works were shown from Jan 25 Mar 30 in Milan (Via Borgonuovo 3).
Exhibition design: Sarah Boris, Curator: Lorenzo Durantini



01     12                                                                                                     

+ Rhea Häni

We are happy to expand our team! The Swiss graphic designer, Rhea Häni (certified designer) joins the RM collective in 2012.

01     12                                                                                                     

Süwag Energie AG

RM wins the contract to design the Company Report 2011 for the Süwag Energie AG.
With its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, the Süwag Energie AG (Süwag Energy Corporation) is a regional energy provider that has been producing energy from renewable and decentralized sources for many years.

the project

01     12                                                                                                     

2 - 0 - 1 - 2

RM wishes everyone a great start in 2012.

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New photo series for the fashion label, freigaenger

For the fashion label freigaenger, RM in collaboration with Olivier Pol Michel, photographed the new collection.


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