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We are looking forward to today's opening of the exhibition "NEO URUSHI" at Villa Böhm. The art show will present 30 new works by Veit Schmidleitner which are definitely worth a visit. So come and join us! Opening starts at 7 pm, the show will be open from Nov 23 to Dec 16.

Quantum Oddity

08     18                                                                                                     

BASF culture program

Surprise – the annual program of BASF art & culture ist sporting a fresh look! Not only on the cover, which fashions the new corporate design of BASF, but also on the inside: A facelift gives the 60 + events that are featured in the booklet more room to breathe. Among the artists that will be performing at BASF art & culture are „tuba ambassador“ Andreas Martin Hofmeir, Swedish singer-songwriter José González, as well as composer Gordon Kampe. The latter will be given the opportunity to prove his sense of off-key humor through a number of performances and concerts as part of the „composer in portrait“-series.


02     18                                                                                                     

König Büro

We have designed a new corporate identity for up-and-coming König Büro in Zurich. König Büro acts as an art agent and advisor for private and public collections, foundations and companies. It also represents the hottest new artists in Switzerland. The new image employs a plain and straight forward design as well as subdued colors providing a stylish backdrop for the contemporary works of art and the giving them plenty of space to unfold.


01     18                                                                                                     

Happy New Yeeaahh

Olé, olé, olé … we wish you a happy New Year while waving the brand new Raum-Mannheim-Scarf! If you want to join the fun, pick up your free copy in our office.

12     17                                                                                                     

Shape the future

Looking back ahead: As a free gift for students and tomorrow’s makers who met at Mannheim-Based design conference captcha 2017, we designed a poster with the headline „Shape the future“. We still have some copies in store and will give them away as a real boost for the new year. Just go ahead and like this post and receive one of 20 free copies!

12     17                                                                                                     


We have designed the complete brand identity for Mindshift.One – including website, logo and promotional material. In addition, we have been supporting the Mannheim-based consulting firm by designing the slides of a presentation about innovation management. Managing director Tatjana took these slides to Open Nation 2017 where she was invited to give a presentation. Our challenge had been to devise a design that would convey the spirit of Mindshift.One and inspire marketing professionals from big shot companies like IKEA, Tesla and others.

We served up the whole platter of Keynote features and gadgets and – according to various witnesses – succeeded. The audience caught the spirit and the presentation sparked a lot of interest … We are proud and happy! ;–)


12     17                                                                                                     

Disco Zwei – Raw Materials

Raw vegetables for gourmets: With "Raw Materials“, Mannheim-based night club „Disco Zwei“ brought together the crème-de-la-créme of the techno underground scene for a series of club dates. We designed the posters for these nights featuring Vakula, Cem, Blawan et al. Fittingly, we revisited the 1990’s and drew up some handmade-cut-up-and-copy-shop style. Needless to say that every visual theme relates to the artist in question.

11     17                                                                                                     

Berlin Type Award

BASF Global Trend Book presents the latest color trends for automotive designers. We have designed the Global Trend Books for the past four years and we are happy to announce that the 2016/2017 edition, titled „Parallax“, has won the Berlin Type Award.


11     17                                                                                                     

Multihalle Mannheim

"You have to think, research, develop … and venture more“ – this quote from Frei Otto, architect of the Mannheim Multihalle, is the leitmotif for the campaign the City of Mannheim started to save this building, meanwhile in need of rehabilitation, inside the Herzogenriedpark. Built for the National Garden Festival (BUGA) in 1975, it now has protected status and is considered a masterpiece of architecture and engineering. With concepts on urban development going far beyond mere conservation, the hall shall return to public focus again.

We are very pleased to participate in this process and support the project concerning design for print and online media.


09     17                                                                                                     

Raum Mannheim relocated

Four to the floor on the fourth floor! After 17 years, we have left Friesenheim Island and moved into our new office space located smack in the middle of Mannheim city. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our new residence!

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