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Büro König

König Büro is a small but exquisite exhibition space in Zurich which opened its doors this summer. It features regular art shows and events making it the perfect place to discover up-and-coming Swiss artists. We created a series of invitation cards for König Büro which are designed to lure the art crowd into the new venue.


05     20                                                                                                     


EARTH TWO has been compressed into a book case! As documentation of EARTH TWO, a future lab which was organized by the Mannheim-based „Brüten“ collective in the spring of 2019, we have created a hardcover book for both junior and senior space pioneers. The „notebook for kids“ features puzzles and riddles as well as suggestions for creative DIY-projects. It also includes snapshots of the actual workshops as well as spacy impressions of the alternative planet the lab activists dreamt up. Speaking of spacy, the book case features a nice gimmick with black circles printed in thermochromatic coating: Keep on rubbing and discover EARTH TWO!

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M O F A enables exchange, debate and cooperation concerning questions of building and living and beyond. With a variety of events such as exhibitions, lecture series, film screenings or workshops, the non-profit association strives to raise awareness of the importance of our built environment and to establish an urban culture of reflection and discussion.


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Skyhawk – Catalog

Spectacular panoramic views of landscapes, exciting portrait shots and fashion shootings – the new catalog of Ben van Skyhawk features a wide range of truly excellent photography. We were in charge of the graphic design of the 88-page publication. Reflecting the diversity and range of van Skyhawk’s work, we created a variety of different interchangeable cover pages.


09     19                                                                                                     


Yee-haw! Wild Neckarstadt-West voted for us! The MWS Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft (municipal real estate developer) had invited local artists and designers to submit their ideas for the visual design of a former parking space. Our design won the competition by popular vote and will soon be implemented at Neumarkt. Neckarstadt-West is a truly multicultural neighborhood with people from 160 nations living here. This multitude served as inspiration for our concept: a grid of fictional flags and patterns which are composed from the various nations' flags.

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"DENKFEST" is an annual convention where cultural activists, artists, business representatives and politicians meet to exchange ideas and concepts designed to advance the cultural life in the Rhine-Neckar region. Since its inception in 2011, we have been friends of and regular participants in DENKFEST. Prior to this year's edition, we were asked to devise a completely new design. We came up with a new typography and a fresh set of key visuals which were printed on posters, t-shirts, stickers, programs and other materials. In addition, we conceptualized, wrote, edited and designed the DENKFEST magazine "DENKHEFT" which was sent to all participants and guests two weeks in advance of the event.


06     19                                                                                                     


We love coffee and we love great design! Needless to say we are happy as a clam when both things join. Such was the case with Profitec, a manufacturer of high-end espresso machines. We created a new corporate design for Profitec including the corporate website, brochures (German and English) as well as office materials. We were also in charge of the photo production which included staging and shooting the various models. And by the way, we jumped at the chance and got our own Profitec machine which quickly became everybody's darling and has been pouring out delicious espresso ever since.


05     19                                                                                                     

concrete : music

Voilà our poster and flyer for concrete : music. For three days in June, producer Ziggy Has Ardeur collaborated with Get Well Soon mastermind Konstantin Gropper in a space & sound experiment devising the perfect sound for the Mannheim Multihalle.

05     19                                                                                                     

Earth two

Ready for EARTH TWO! In May 2019, Multihalle invited activists, thinkers, shakers and movers to a joint session for fresh ideas, new concepts and whimsical plans. We created the flyer/invitation/program with Rhea illustrating some ideas of how another version of our planet might look like.

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Institut für Zukunft, Leipzig

Unser Poster zum fünfjährigen Geburtstag des IFZ, Leipzig. Happy Birthday!

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JobBörse Mannheim (Mannheim job agency)

A gigantic pipe wrench, a giant paint brush and a gargantuan scampi – our intern Caro fearlessly tackled a series of monstrous creatures/tools and crafted some beautiful paper objects for the campaign for the Mannheim JobBörse (job agency). The campaign was designed to address both job seekers and employers with the goal of adding a light touch to the often strenuous reality of the job market. We came up with a series of posters mixing congenial people, fresh colors and cool paper art objects. Our tasks included graphic design as well as photography and text. The campaign was launched with posters all over Mannheim including a special exhibition at the central job agency featuring original photography and paper objects.

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RM collection – the next generation! The 2019 edition features a fancy shopping bag providing our friends and customers with plenty of space to carry things from A to B. May the bag be with you, wherever you may roam! (Order now, exclusively at RM)

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