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CustomerBASF Coatings
ProjectRAW – Global Trend Book 2015/16
DetailsGlobal Trend Book is an annual publication of the BASF division Coatings. It is exclusively aimed at automotive customers providing them with the opportunity to catch up on global color trends in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. At the same time, the Global Trend Book is more than a simple color catalog: With pictorial and text essays, it both illustrates and analyzes global the social trends, drifts, and shifts that form the basis of the new colors devised by BASF Coatings. The book design makes references to textures and colors making trends and changes visible at an early stage

For Global Trend Book 2014, titled "RAW", we were responsible for creating the visual concept, implementing the layout and design and conceptualizing and shooting all of the phtotography.

RAW (Real Authentic Ways) focuses on purity and authenticity of the color schemes'. In fact, the quest for authenticity and singularity is the central theme both of the color schemes and the publication.

Silver A‘Design Award in Graphics and Visual Communication 
IF Award
Red Dot Award
Design for Asia Award, Bronze Award