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Institut für Zukunft, Leipzig

Unser Poster zum fünfjährigen Geburtstag des IFZ, Leipzig. Happy Birthday!

01     19                                                                                                     


RM collection – the next generation! The 2019 edition features a fancy shopping bag providing our friends and customers with plenty of space to carry things from A to B. May the bag be with you, wherever you may roam! (Order now, exclusively at RM)

11     18                                                                                                     


We are looking forward to today's opening of the exhibition "NEO URUSHI" at Villa Böhm. The art show will present 30 new works by Veit Schmidleitner which are definitely worth a visit. So come and join us! Opening starts at 7 pm, the show will be open from Nov 23 to Dec 16.

Quantum Oddity

08     18                                                                                                     

BASF culture program

Surprise – the annual program of BASF art & culture ist sporting a fresh look! Not only on the cover, which fashions the new corporate design of BASF, but also on the inside: A facelift gives the 60 + events that are featured in the booklet more room to breathe. Among the artists that will be performing at BASF art & culture are „tuba ambassador“ Andreas Martin Hofmeir, Swedish singer-songwriter José González, as well as composer Gordon Kampe. The latter will be given the opportunity to prove his sense of off-key humor through a number of performances and concerts as part of the „composer in portrait“-series.


02     18                                                                                                     

König Büro

We have designed a new corporate identity for up-and-coming König Büro in Zurich. König Büro acts as an art agent and advisor for private and public collections, foundations and companies. It also represents the hottest new artists in Switzerland. The new image employs a plain and straight forward design as well as subdued colors providing a stylish backdrop for the contemporary works of art and the giving them plenty of space to unfold.


01     18                                                                                                     

Happy New Yeeaahh

Olé, olé, olé … we wish you a happy New Year while waving the brand new Raum-Mannheim-Scarf! If you want to join the fun, pick up your free copy in our office.

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