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6. Fotofestival

Time for visitors to see the 6th Fotofestival Mannheim-Ludwigshafen-Heidelberg is dwindling, the festival will be closing its doors on November 15. This year's edition of Germany's largest photography festival was curated by Swiss expert Urs Stahel and features acclaimed artists such as Ai Weiwei, Jules Spinat, Thomas Hirschhorn and many more. Topics covered by the festival ("7 places – 7 precarious fields") are e.g. real and virtual migration, architecture as investment and weapon, money and greed, and violence and destruction.

Don't miss out on it – it's definitely worth a visit!


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Congratulations to our client Goldmarmor for their first anniversary. The fashion store is located in downtown Darmstadt and offers an exclusive selection of fashion items of clear-cut and timeless design.

Buy less, choose well!


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TAYLOR – Green Business Park

MWS project development is in charge of converting the former US Army areas in Mannheim for civil use. We have designed and produced a magazine for TAYLOR Barracks, which is designated as a business park with plenty of green space. „TAYLOR – Green Business Park Mannheim“ provides citizens, investors and others with a quarterly update on TAYLOR.

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RAW – Contemporary Photography

RAW is a cooperative of three Mannheim-based photographers who focus on contemporary photography, art and design. They are planning on hosting freelance projects, art shows and other events by local as well as international artists in their freshly remodelled studio in Mannheim. We are more than happy to support this cooperative by providing a visual appearance.

Come in, have a look and follow their activities:


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House of Juvenile Law

Recently, a new institution has opened up in Mannheim: the Haus des Jugendrechts (House of Juvenile Law). Prosecutors, police and social workers collaborate in this institution for the purpose of facilitating victim-offender-mediation, supervising juvenile offenders and helping prevent juvenile delinquency – a cause worth supporting! We have created the logo and designed and implemented the website of the Haus des Jugendrechts …

Haus des Jugendrechts

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Los Logos 7

The „Los Logos“ book series is the publication to look out for if you want to know what’s hot in contemporary logo design. We are happy to be featured with various project in the latest edition „Los Logos 7“. If you’d like to sneak a peek: 

Los Logos 7

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IF Award Winner

Yeah! We have won an IF Award (Communication Design 2014) for the project „BASF Global Trend Book“.

IF Award

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Quantum Oddity

We have designed a visual appearance for the art collective „Quantum Oddity“. Our job included designing the QO-logo and website as well as taking photos of the objects and works.

Quantum Oddity

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RM Tumblr

Follow us on Tumblr!

RM Tumblr

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The „Zwischenraum“ collective is continously scouting vacant spaces throughout the city of Mannheim. This summer, they transformed a vacant kiosk at Neumarkt (Neckarstadt-West) into a temporary art space featuring music, literature readings, workshops, art shows, movie screenings, food etc. We were happy to contribute our share to this project with a poster that was presented at the final exhibition on the closing weekend.


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Die Museen & Schlösser

We have designed a new magazine for the museums & castles network and the office for cultural affairs of the Rhine-Neckar-area (Europäische Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar). The magazine titled „Die Mussen & Schlösser“ features stories, interviews and information about upcoming exhibitions and special events in the museum and castles of the region. Network members are, among others, the Administration of Castles and Garden of the State of Baden-Württemberg (Heidelberg Castle, Schwetzingen Castle & Garden), Reiss-Engelhorn-Mussen (REM), Kunsthalle Mannheim and Wilhelm-Hack-Museum. Our assignment included devising a graphic as well as an editorial concept. In addition, we have given the magazine “Die Festivals” a facelift. This magazine is published by the network of cultural festivals of the Rhine-Neckar-area. The second issues 2014 of both magazines are out now and can be downloaded at:

Die Museen und Schloesser
Die Festivals

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BASF Global Trend Book

We have won a Red Dot (Communication Design 2014) for the project „BASF Global Trend Book“. The winners will be celebrated at the official awards ceremony on 24 October 2014 in the Konzerthaus in Berlin. The Global Trend Book is an annual publication by BASF Coatings. It presents global social and aesthetic trends that are relevant for the selection of colors and coatings for the automotive industries. The target group of the publication are top managers of global automotive corporations.

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+ Daniel Grieshaber

One year ago to the day Daniel Grieshaber joined Raum Mannheim. As an experienced corporate publisher he is responsible for writing and editing corporate texts and publications as well as devising editorial concepts for corporate publications (i.e. magazines, brochures, websites etc.)

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We have designed a dynamic identity for „EINS“, an new dance club in Neustadt: a modular logo and an extremely focused, minimalistic website. Check it out:


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All about Photography

In cooperation with "Zephyr – Raum für Fotografie“ the Remclub organizes monthly events which focus on photography. We are very happy that we were invited to design the 2014 event flyer. Have a look inside – it’s worth it.
The latest event is scheduled for July 22 2014 in the yard of the „Museum Schillerhaus“, B5, 7, Mannheim.

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The Chinese publishing house Sandu presents a selction of our works in its latest publication „Monochrome – Black and White in Branding“. The book was produced with two different covers – one in black and the other in white.


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We have designed a series of posters for the new event series „Diffus“. The first event of the series is scheduled for tomorrow night with Ivan Smagghe headlining! Be there or be square …


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Novum World of Graphic Design

We are very happy about the opportunity to design the cover of the latest issue of the graphic design magazine „Novum“. The issue also includes an extensive feature of our agency.


01     14                                                                                                     

RM goes Nido

RM illustrator Rhea has been asked by the editors of „Nido“ to illustrate a four-page-spread. Theme: before and after the party.


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Selected D

In its new publication „Selected D“, the Spanish publishing house Index Book features – among others – works by Raum Mannheim. The book was first introduced at the design conference „S–D“ in Bilbao.

SELECTED D Graphic Design

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